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Why should I use a BAFE registered company?

Why should I use a BAFE registered company?

Using a BAFE registered company gives the appointed person responsible for fire safety with the confidence they are using a competent provider.

There is increasing responsibility for safety on the owner/occupier (Responsible Person/Duty Holder). Therefore it is increasingly important that the quality of fire protection is fit for purpose and is installed and maintained by competent companies. In buying your fire protection from a BAFE Registered company you are assured of this.


All BAFE registered fire protection companies have chosen to be independently assessed and therefore proving their competence in their area of fire protection. This provides a benchmark for quality and the ability to provide you with an independent third party certificate of conformity, positioning you as the Responsible Person having provided the best fire safety for your building, staff and others.


BAFE schemes are quality levels of standards that our registered fire protection companies work to. This enables you as the customer/end user to be sure you have provided the best service possible to uphold your fire safety responsibilities. We also actively promote BAFE to be listed as a specification in tender documents when looking to procure fire protection services to maintain a quality level of provider for works required.


Insisting on fire protection that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme provides you with a simple way of ensuring that your project meets recognised national standards and can be independently third party certified. In today's environment of risk assessment, with the responsibility for safety on the owner/occupier (Responsible Person or Duty Holder) this is increasingly important to you and your client.


The BAFE logo is a mark of quality in the fire protection industry which we take very seriously. All of our registered companies are third party certified from UKAS accredited certification bodies and also hold an ISO9001 certificate or an assessed quality management system in place depending on the requirements of the scheme they are registered to.


Finding a BAFE registered company is a simple process using our free search tool. Our postcode search will display the closest 30 BAFE registered companies to you or if you already know your provider, you can check their BAFE registration by using our advanced search or by contacting the BAFE office.

What should I be searching for?
  • If you require works on a fire detection and alarm system, search for a company registered to our Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme. The SP203 schemes are modular, so ensure they are certified in the area you require. These areas are: system design, installation, commissioning (checks made on site) and maintenance.
  • If you require maintenance services on your fire extinguishers, search for a company registered to our Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers (SP101/ST104) scheme. With this scheme you can also request to see the technicians BAFE card that is issued only after a successful registration of that technician.
  • If you require a Fire Risk Assessment for your premises, search for a company registered to our Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme.


If you are ever unsure on anything you are looking for please contact the BAFE office. We will be more than happy to assist you in finding a quality, third party certified company for your fire protection requirements.

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