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Trade Rating Websites Cause Concern - Always Specify Third Party Certification

Tuesday 30th January 2018

BBC News has recently reported about the questionable screening processes of ‘two trusted trade websites without any experience’.

Rated People and MyBuilder website profiles cause concern
- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42783279


Some online networks that connect tradesmen to the public have very limited requirements to becoming registered and can be extremely misleading to the public.


Whilst the two websites do not focus on fire safety services it is always important to use a competent provider to fulfil any works required to your building. The best way of assuring your provider is fully competent and their business operates in the correct manner is to look for third party certification. More importantly, it is vital you check their third party certification is in the service you require. It is illegal for a Gas Engineer to work on areas they are not registered to cover so why should anything be an exception when it comes to fire safety?


BAFE stress that registration onto our fire safety register is earned, not bought. Whilst the companies themselves do have to pay for their independent audit this may not initially be successful and therefore would not be allowed to be added to the BAFE register. However when successful, the time and effort spent on gaining third party certification offers independent evidence of their competency to provide a specific service.


The UK has been witness to some devastating fires recently and social behavior is changing. There is a much more concentrated focus on using the right provider for the right job. BAFE is here to help you find competent providers through either the free search tool on our website (make sure you check the red text which states the companies’ registration/s) or you can contact the BAFE office for more information.

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