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BAFE® Registered Schemes

BAFE Assessment of Application Certification Bodies

Scheme No. SP203-2

This scheme document only applies to Certification Bodies.

The SP203-2 document relates to the assessment of applicant Certification Bodies wishing to include SP203 schemes within their scope of UKAS Accreditation.


The SP203 schemes are:


  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems SP203-1
  • Emergency Lighting Systems SP203-4
  • Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems SP203-3


This BAFE adopted scheme is open to any certification body which has accreditation by UKAS for this scope of work as defined by the scheme document BAFE Fire Protection Industry Scheme Reference SP203 Part 2 which includes information on the assessment process.


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Currently five Certification Bodies are active in this scheme, these are:


  • BSI
  • IEC
  • NSI
  • Certsure


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