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Raising the Bar Consultation

Friday 4th October 2019

The Competence Steering Group is inviting comments on its interim report Raising the Bar

Following the publication of the Raising the Bar Interim Report, the Competence Steering Group (CSG) are welcoming responses to this document.


“The Competence Steering Group is inviting comments on its interim report Raising the Bar, which sets out measures to improve competence in the design, construction and fire sectors. The measures are intended to tackle competency shortcomings identified in the Hackitt Review, Building a Safer Future, following the Grenfell Tower fire.”

- https://consultations.rics.org/consult.ti/Raisingthebar/consultationHome


As previously stated by Stephen Adams, BAFE Chief Executive, “Raising the Bar is a vital document, setting out measures to improve and control the competence of those involved in the construction and ongoing fire protection of higher risk residential buildings.


The measures are being proposed by the Competence Steering Group (CSG), set up by the Industry Response Group (IRG) to tackle competency failings identified in the Hackitt Review (Building a Safer Future) following the Grenfell Tower fire. The CSG has brought together more than 150 institutions including wide involvement from BAFE, across the full spectrum of construction, built environment, fire safety and building owner/manager sectors; all working towards the common purpose of raising competences to improve life safety.”

- https://www.bafe.org.uk/raising-the-bar-interim-report


Graham Watts OBE, Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council, reminds anyone who wishes to provide comment that now the iConsult platform is now live this should be used (instead of sending information to enquiries@cic.org.uk, the email address provided in the Raising the Bar document for consultation responses).


You can respond to the consultation via



The closing date, as agreed by the Competence Steering Group (CSG), is 31 October 2019 (31/10/19).


Please note the next consultative conference being held 18/10/19 will be live streamed. Details of how this can be accessed will be made available by CIC (Construction Industry Council) next week.

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