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Post Grenfell – BAFE Update

Monday 5th February 2018

News 05/02/2018

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower last year, there have been a number of reviews to which BAFE has made an active contribution.


Sir Ken Knight, a former BAFE Chairman and Government Chief Fire advisor, has been leading an expert advisory group and we have contributed details of the suite of third party certificated schemes and work that BAFE does to advise public bodies on the value of using competent provider companies.


Dame Judith Hackitt is leading the independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety. BAFE made a detailed submission to the review, again highlighting the value of competence and third party certification. Following her interim report in December, we have worked with other fire bodies, such as the Fire Sector Federation, the Institute of Fire Engineers and the Institute of Fire Safety Managers to contribute to the discussions over the steps that need to be taken through the complete design, construction and building use chain to ensure that life safety and fire protection is at the centre of Regulations. Dame Judith has stressed the ‘golden thread’ of responsibility and accountability at every stage, to ensure that the building owner/responsible person has a complete understanding of what has been done to ensure fire safety and that at every stage, all of the trades and professions are working together and continue to do so through the life of the building. This is for all buildings, but especially for those with multiple occupancy and sleeping risks. The Review is now working through a range of critical issues and BAFE will continue to provide contributions whenever appropriate.


The BAFE submission to the independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety can be found here:


BAFE are reviewing how the competency schemes available can best serve this process, including consideration of individual fire risk assessor competence within the framework of the Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme. There is no surprise in the fact that since the Grenfell fire and others in Liverpool, Scotland, Bristol and elsewhere that there is a heightened awareness of the need for competence. There are a number of initiatives in Scotland to develop competency criteria, which BAFE are actively involved in and has been offering greater levels of support for organisations preparing fire related tenders. BAFE are also working on a range of new third party certificated competency schemes to develop the range of skills in the future. This will work towards ensuring the end user market has third party certificated options for all services in the fire industry. BAFE aims to continue working with the industry to benefit fire safety and quality service providers throughout the UK.

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