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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become registered?

Scheme charges vary. Some are paid direct to BAFE and others through your Certification Body.


The BAFE schemes are operated in two ways. For fire risk assessment, fire alarms, emergency lighting and fixed gaseous fire suppression systems a fee is paid to BAFE by the certification body for each registered company after certification. This means the BAFE admin fees are included in the overall certification body costs.


For the portable extinguisher maintenance scheme (SP101/ST104), a company fee and a technician fee is paid by companies directly to BAFE after they have achieved their third party certification and have applied to become BAFE registered. The BAFE admin fees are not provided from the certification bodies issuing the ISO9001 certification (to the scope of SP101). These fees cover the cost of administration once certification has been achieved and also the ongoing cost of regular technician assessments.


BAFE strongly believes in third party certification of competence which has to be earnt and cannot be bought. BAFE is not a membership based organisation. This is true for LPS, BAFE and all such third party certificated schemes.


Please visit the scheme page you are interested in to see how each scheme is operated and charged for. We always suggest that you discuss your requirements with more than one Certification Body.


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