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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register my company with BAFE?

Registering your company with BAFE is completely voluntary. It does however prove you are happy to be independently audited and meet the necessary requirements needed to be certified and BAFE registered. This will therefore show to potential clients that you are a more than competent company to fulfil their fire protection needs.


  • You will join a growing list of quality companies already registered with BAFE with a website incorporating a Registered Company Search reaching over 38,000 session views per year.
  • BAFE actively promotes and advertises this registration service in multiple specifier and end user publications/websites including education, building and construction, healthcare, business, facilities management and Local/National Government across the whole of the UK.
  • Your third party certification can be used as a strong selling tool to potential customers.
  • There are also a growing list of public sector procurement bodies that now specify BAFE as a requirement with their fire protection needs. This is due to the strong reputation BAFE brings to its strict assessment criteria to become registered. BAFE responds to a large number of these per year looking to help to gain BAFE registered companies contract awards.
  • Your company has ongoing independent assessments to ensure quality and competancy is held to a high standard offering piece of mind to your clients.

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