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Do you require Fire Detection and Alarm System works?

Do you require Fire Detection and Alarm System works?

Ensure your system is correct for your premises and maintained regularly to alert genuine fires and reduce false alarms

If you require works for your fire detection and alarm system you can find third party certified organisations near you that provide this service by using our free search tool.


Search for organisations registered to the BAFE Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme or the BAFE SP201* scheme from the list of requirements available in the search.


An organisation that is third party certificated and BAFE registered to either of these schemes will be able to assist you in the design, installation, commissioning (checks made on site) and maintenance of your fire alarm system. (Please note companies may not be certificated in all four modules. You will be able to see what services they are able to provide on their organisation information within the results of the search).


For any further assistance you can contact the BAFE office at info@bafe.org.uk or 0844 335 0897. We would be more than happy to help assist you in finding a provider for your requirements with your fire detection and alarm system.


*The BAFE SP201 scheme acknowledges providers who hold LPS 1014 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems certification.

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