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Business Safety Week 2018

Friday 14th September 2018

10th - 16th September

BAFE support the National Fire Chiefs Council's (NFCC's) Business Safety Week 2018.

The campaign aims to provide those who have responsibility for businesses and public buildings with information and advice to reduce the number of fire incidents and false alarms in the workplace, both of which impact business safety and productivity.

The week encourages all businesses to double check they have have taken the steps required by law to protect their business and employees from fire. Advice will also be given on preventing arson attacks, reducing false alarms, and if needed fire safety advice for premises with sleeping accommodation.

The lead up to Christmas can be a busy time for businesses so NFCC ask people to take the opportunity now to review risk assessments and escape plans as they prepare for Christmas as they may take on extra stock and new or seasonal staff.

Statistics show that in 2016-17 there were 19,410 fires in UK businesses with about 30% (5,518) being deliberately set.

Chair of NFCC's Protection and Business Safety Committee, Mark Hardingham said:

"Fire can have a devastating affect on small and medium businesses. This is why the NFCC is committed to making them aware thatfire services can help and advise them on reducing their fire risk.


We encourage them to get in touch with their local fire service and find out about the help is available to them so they continue to make valued contribution to the UK economy and local community in a safe and sustainable way "

BAFE is here to help people responsible for fire safety

Companies that are BAFE Registered have been independently assessed to ensure they are competent to complete specific fire safety services. The free search tool we provide will help you easily find comeptent providers for requirements including fire risk assessments, fire alarm system works and extinguisher servicing.


More than 70% of fires in UK businesses are accidental, don't be complacent with your responsibility - make sure you review your fire safety procedures and provisions regularly using quality providers.


Search free on the BAFE website to find competent providers near you


More information can be found on the NFCC website here

What is BAFE?

If you require fire safety services for your premises use BAFE. BAFE is the independent register of quality fire safety service providers, who are certified to ensure quality and competence to help meet your fire safety obligations.

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Where do I begin with fire safety for my building?

Legal obligations nationwide require the appointed responsible person for fire safety for commercial/non-domestic premises to have adequate fire protection.

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What is Third Party Certification?

Third Party Certification is the best assurance of quality when looking for a provider to help meet your fire safety requirements.

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