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BSI Flex Document published - Overarching framework for competence of individuals

Thursday 21st January 2021

BSI Flex 8670 v2.0 Built environment – Overarching framework for building safety competence of individuals – Specification.

Please note following the public consultation in September/October last year, BSI have now published the document for its second consultation: BSI Flex 8670 v2.0 Built environment – Overarching framework for building safety competence of individuals – Specification.




BSI note “this BSI Flex specifies requirements for sector-specific competence frameworks for individuals working in the built environment. It is intended to support the development of an overarching framework for oversight of building safety competence of individuals including encouraging the development and application of core building safety competences in practice. Organizational and team competence is discussed as the context within which individual competence needs to be assured but is itself out of scope of this BSI Flex.”


At the launch of the original consultation period BSI stressed “this BSI Flex is of particular relevance to professional groups” including fire engineers, fire risk assessors, fire safety officers, design technicians and installers.


BSI added “this BSI Flex is intended to be used by professional groups, trade associations, trades or any other group from relevant built environment actors looking to develop or achieve recognition for a relevant competence framework. It is anticipated that those frameworks will then be subject to review by a committee on industry competence working under the aegis of the Building Safety Regulator.


This BSI Flex will be of specific interest to assessment bodies who might be tasked with assessment of competence of individuals against any sector-specific competence framework.”


Director of Schemes, Chris Auger comments “BAFE continue to monitor actions to increase levels of competency within the construction and fire safety industry. If required, our Schemes will be reviewed in light of any pro-active changes that can be implemented to support quality Standards and best working practice.”


The consultation period closes on TUESDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2021 (02/02/21).


Source: https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/projects/9020-04960 (v2.0)


Source: https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/projects/9020-04664 (v1.0)

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