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BAFE SP205 Reminder

Monday 24th February 2020

Use of sub-contractors

Please note if you are a BAFE SP205 Registered Company and you currently use or plan to sub-contract work out they must be Third Party Certificated (by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body) to provide Fire Risk Assessments by 27/06/2020.

This information was published and distributed July 2019 and features in Version 5 of the BAFE SP205 Scheme Document (published 27/06/2019). See Clause 9.4 b).

This is not to be mistaken for BAFE SP205 Registered Companies who contract in help, where the BAFE SP205 Registered Company will validate and provide the assessment report under their company name to the client.

Chris Auger, Head of Schemes – BAFE, commented:

“The updated requirement of the BAFE [Life Safety] Fire Risk Assessment [SP205] Scheme ensures that any fire risk assessment completed under the quality requirements of this have been appropriately completed by a competent Third Party Certificated fire risk assessment provider.

The subcontracting of any work should be performed by providers who match your level of UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification to allow both yourself and the end user to be confident a competent assessment has been completed.”

For more information please refer to the BAFE SP205 Scheme Document (Version 5) and the BAFE SP205 (V5) SCHEME GUIDANCE NOTE V1.1

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