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BAFE SP203 Scheme Update Information

Friday 22nd February 2019

Please note that BAFE has updated its SP203 suite of Schemes following feedback from the Schemes Monitoring Groups.

The Scheme Documents affected are:


  • BAFE SP203-1 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems V7.1 (Replacing Version 7 as of 22/02/19).
  • BAFE SP203-3 Fixed Gaseous Extinguishing Systems V3.1 (Replacing Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems Version 3 as of 22/02/19).
  • BAFE SP203-4 Emergency Lighting Systems V2.1 (Replacing Version 2 as of 22/02/19).


Scheme Documents can be viewed/downloaded via the BAFE website www.bafe.org.uk


Changes to these documents are minor and our Registered Companies are advised to continue operating as before. Changes include the removal of guidance notes into a new document: SG1 Guidance for Modular Schemes V1 (available on the SP203 scheme pages on the BAFE website) and the inclusion of a sample maintenance certificate where this was absent in the previous versions. From a presentation perspective you will see that the look of the document has changed to follow a more sequential path. All changes are recorded in the Amendment Record within the updated Scheme Documents.


The BAFE SP203-3 Scheme name has changed from Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems to Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems to reflect actual industry understanding.


The new versions should now be referenced when completing works in line with the appropriate BAFE SP203 Scheme Document.


As the changes are minor it is not considered that both Registered Companies and Certification Bodies will need to undergo an extension to their scope.


- Chris Auger, BAFE Schemes Manager


Note: All SP203 Primary Contacts have been sent this information via email (22/02/19).

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