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BAFE Fire Safety Register Logo Officially Released

Monday 20th August 2018

BAFE, the independent register of quality fire safety service providers, have registered a new trademark logo to further promote understanding with the general public of where they can find competent providers to fulfil their requirements when it comes to fire safety.

The BAFE Fire Safety Register logo is now available to all BAFE Registered Companies nationwide, with updated scheme description boxes to help the end user understand what they are third party certificated for under BAFE.


Frazer Wisniewski, Marketing Manager, commented: “The decision to update our logo and scheme description boxes was to strip out confusing industry language and introduce far clearer information that our Registered Companies can use to promote their third party certification in specific areas of fire safety. Whilst we are not removing the scheme codes completely [as some tender frameworks specify these], these logos will introduce uninitiated people to BAFE and what it represents as quickly as possible. These logos will aid our quest for greater understanding and desire for knowledge amongst end users when sourcing a competent provider for their fire safety requirements.”


Chris Auger, Schemes Manager, added: “BAFE’s role in the industry first and foremost is to ensure our schemes best represent the highest level of quality and competency available in the market. It is important to note however we actively promote BAFE and third party certification to multiple end user markets for the benefit of our Registered Companies. BAFE are increasingly discussing the important role of third party certification and the clear, independent evidence of competency that it delivers.”


It is important to note that all users of the previous versions of the scheme logos are strongly encouraged to update to the current version when possible (this has been sent out to all BAFE Registered Company Primary Contacts). Current materials/vehicles displaying previous versions of the BAFE logo will not be considered a nonconformity and will not need to be replaced on these, but the new versions are to be used moving forward.


If you are a BAFE Registered Company and you have not received a copy of your appropriate logos for your scheme registration(s) please contact BAFE via email info@bafe.org.uk or call 0844 335 0897


Only BAFE and BAFE Licensed Certification Bodies are permitted to use the logo without the scheme description box underneath unless they have explicit consent from BAFE with evidence to do so for a particular reason.


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