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A Reformed Building Safety Regulatory System

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Fire Sector Federation provide an update on the work undertaken to reform building safety regulation.

Information from Fire Sector Federation Spring 2020 Newsletter:


“The early April announcements of the results of the Building Safety Proposals consultation linked to the two published outcomes, Response and Economic Impact BSP Response BSP Impact offer considerable insight of the government intent to: improve the current system; advance remediation of unsafe cladding, and update Approved Document B.


More recently in another consultation a questionnaire was issued by MHCLG with the very short response deadline of 1 May 2020 Survey. Looking at current capacity and capability in competence the survey presents a real challenge to anyone who might try to complete it but equally it does provide reassurance that introduction of the new building safety system is continuing at some pace.


A further strand of this BSP work is extension of the Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety (CROSS) managed by the Institute of Structural Engineers (ICE) through a project that plans to update the existing site CROSS to include fire safety reporting; some members may recall the presentation made at the last Forum.


ICE have a branding agency who are inviting feedback from people who are likely to use CROSS now, and in the future, and who have an interest in safety, residential buildings or tall buildings Feedback


BAFE have responded to the aforementioned MHCLG survey stating the current service competence the BAFE schemes cover, the work of WG4 (for competent Fire Risk Assessors) and the essential requirement to recruit a younger generation of Fire Risk Assessors into the sector.

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When sourcing help, make sure you specify competent fire safety providers and verify their Third Party Certification is appropriate and valid for the work required.

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